Each pearl oyster takes up to 4 to 5 years to grow and mature before being harvested and cleaned, bringing nature’s beauty directly to the skin.


At 11 Pearls™️, our goal is to provide your skin with rich nutrients from pearl nacre. High in calcium, pearl powder helps to fortify your skin’s natural defensive barrier and protect your most delicate facial areas. Containing key vitamins for improving the skin’s appearance, 11 Pearls™️ provides a range of potent, regenerative, protective and moisturising formulas for bright and healthy skin.

  • Pearl nacre can help increase synthesis of Type I collagen

  • Pearl nacre can help increase synthesis of Type I collagen


Nowadays, with the benefit of clinical trials, in the laboratory, pearl nacre has shown to positively effect a skin cell’s ability to synthesise hyaluronic acid and increase Type 1 collagen synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant meaning that it can hold up to 1000% times it’s own weight in moisture within the skin. It makes a very effective moisturising ingredient.

Evens skin tone:

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are part of the main structural components of the skin. Connective tissue quality and collagen levels within the body degrade with age, causing skin to sag, wrinkle formation and uneven skin tone. Skin cell studies show the pearl nacre powder within 11 Pearls™️ Brightening Vaccine has been found to help enhance the generation of Type I Collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin cells. These results show the pearl nacre powders great potential in rejuvenating and boosting synthesis of the skin’s natural connective tissue.

Increased levels of hyaluronic acid in scientific study
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0.1% Pearl Nacre Powder


Pearls are valuable, natural gemstones and have long been considered the “Jewels of the sea”. They have been used in skincare for hundreds of years, with women from the 18th century having applied pearl powder as part of their skincare routines. Traditionally, in ancient cultures, the pearl nacre (the shimmering outer layer) was believed to be a potent health supplement, being crushed and utilised for both internal and topical use. Pearl was believed to cure disease, prolong life and heal the skin.

Pearls are naturally formed from living shelled molluscs when an irritating object gets trapped within the mollusc’s mantle folds. As a defence mechanism, the mollusk secretes a substance called nacre which is used to cover the irritating object in smooth shiny layers and over time, a pearl is formed.

Historically, finding a pearl was rare and fortunate. Divers from ancient cultures would find and open many clam shells before a single natural pearl was found. In modern times, pearls are produced more reliably by growing thousands of clams or oysters close together. However it still takes up to 5 years for these mollusks to develop, making this a long term and dedicated process.